Grey Skies

Hover over the words to understand their meaning
    False     Aghast
  Agitated Aggravate     Aggrieved
  Anger   Apathy Apprehensive  
    Ashen     Anxiety
    Attack   Attached Attitude
  Burden   Complicated   Compulsive
      Danger   Debilitate
Deception     Degradation Deny  
      Devious   Difficult
  Digression Disaster     Disruptive
Disorder     Disapprove Embarrassed  
    Excuses     Excusable
  Expectations     Fear Fetish
  Fright   Greed   Grief
Guilt   Haggard Hope   Heartless
Hurdle     Impossible Incorrigible  
  Irrational   Irritate Jaded  
Jealousy   Laborious   Low Lust
      Manic   Magnify
  Masochist Mock     Mood
Muddled     Obsession Obtrusive  
Obstacle   Panic     Poverty
  Pest Pandemic   Persuasive Pity
  Question   Resent   Resentful
Ridicule   Selfish Shaky   Shame
Smug   Eruption Solitary Sordid  
Stress     Suppression   Teach someone a lesson
  Negative       Uncertain
Uncertainty Unsafe   Unsure Wild  

Here we are consumed by thought. We are fluctuating from here and there. We are not present we are caught up in dreams / desires /fears about past of future. We are rarely centred. We have highs and lows. We hanker after this or that. We feel as though there is something missing from ourselves or in our lives. We are searching, stressful and struggling. We are emotional. We are very aware when we are 'happy' and 'sad' and everything is labelled. We are constantly 'narrating'. We are caught up on what is, might be, could be or should be happening.

When the self looks at his sky, any blue is no more than a false hope. Swirling cloud formation of grey on greyer, maybe the occasional glimpse of some whiteness form superimposed upon a few moments of whiteness is all that beholds this sky a false hope.

In the more positive side of this scenario you might be in a relationship, involved in an opportunity, a business deal, or there may be a change in your lifestyle or your health and you have serious concerns. Yet your mind is never at rest with itself. Those short glimmers of transparency in your clear blue sky will be so often clouded by the illusion those short moments hold. Even days of continuous blue skies is just another form of the allusion for no matter how far you advance with your achievements you will always be off centre to your goal.

The test of your strength is to reach down into your soul and seek outthe discipline necessary to bring you back on track to your destiny where the clouds in your sky will more often be grazing with more un-equines joy, fulfillment and tranquility.