Light Puffy Clouds

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    Confident   Forgiving    
  Grateful   arrow   Happy  
Label-Less           Worldly
Rock Solid   arrow   arrow   Romantic
  Loving       Perceptive  
    Flowing   Mindful    

This second scenario is a sky where any thoughts are just gathering of clouds seemingly forever unmoving, as they gracefully make their way to across the horizon wherever that might be. Here we are aware of ourselves but we have peace in our mind and our mind is at peace. We are in flowing with life. We maybe aware of its ups and downs and its changing seasons and we are grateful. There may well be grey or dark clouds, where unpleasant and troublesome thoughts have broken through into consciousness there may even be rain but we are in tune with ourselves and others. We may even be oblivious or unconcerned with the weather.

In this sky the atmosphere is surrounded by positively abundance. It could be the buzz of a wonderful and loving relationship where the only thought is of developing love and understanding, not only with the self but with another person or it could be a relationship in business. In this sky our clouds are fully aware there are no boundaries withholding them from possibilities.