Dark Stormy Skies

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Agnostic   Too Much Anxious   Humiliation
    Abused     Burden
Compassion Complicated   Assumptions Emotionally Damaged  
Deception   Degradation     Despair
  Despise Detached   Desperation Dire
  Disaster   Crumbling   Impossible
Intimidation   Manic Frightened   Panic
Resentful Aggression   Rage Shattered  
Solitary   Addictions     Strain
  Suppression Trepidation     Ugliness
Malice Invasive   Depression  
Ashamed   Confusion   Succumb Damage
Assurance   Pale   Spiteful  

We have been consumed by thought as we have overly consumed it. We are fearful of ourselves, others and of life.

There may well be depression, addiction, suicidal thoughts, sever anger and we may be a danger to ourselves and others. The sense of connection to ourselves and others may have gone completely. The smooth running of the mind and body may break down and be replaced with serious disease or worse. This 4th scenario sky sees nature creating a storm of demonic proportions. Any brightness in the sky is a false hope created by mighty electric storms lighting up the sky.